Salary Advance

Our solution helps our partner corporate anchors to offer off-book salary advances to their employees

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Salary Advance

Our company provides salary advance solutions to employees who require immediate cash before their next pay period. Through our program, employees have the option to selectively sell their upcoming salary or all of their invoices through their employer and receive an instant advance. This service is particularly useful for individuals facing unexpected expenses or those in need of quick access to cash without resorting to high-interest credit options or loans.

Secure and confidential transactions

No credit check is necessary

Funds can be accessed quickly

Minimal paperwork is required.

Integration with existing payroll system

Transparent and competitive pricing

Understanding Africa Trade Credit salary advance

Africa Trade Credit offers a financing solution for salary receivables, allowing companies to sell their employees’ salary invoices to investors. This arrangement enables investors to provide immediate salary advance directly to employees, alleviating financial strain on the organisation’s budget and financial planning. By utilising salary receivable financing, organisations can enhance cash flow, avoid the burden of managing employee salary advance payments, and utilise the available funds for their business growth.

Benefits of salary advance

Unlock the advantages of salary receivable financing at Africa Trade Credit. Our platform empowers organizations to sell employee salary invoices, granting them instant funds.


  • Use cashflow for corporate growth and exploit market benefits
  • Employees can get financing based on anchor creditworthiness
  • One-time digital KYC onboarding
  • Corporate integration based payable validation and confirmation
  • FIFO based auto debit repayment using virtual account
  • Personalised dashboard


  • Request salary advance any time based on their work credit
  • Timely access to cash to manage emergencies and urgent needs
  • Access funds at lower cost then payday loans, short term loans
  • Avoid late fees and penalties associated with delayed loan repayments


  • Low customer acquisition cost
  • Attractive Returns than traditional fixed-income investments
  • Investment diversification through investment across sectors and industries
  • Full supply chain transparency & personalised dashboards
  • Automated flow for KYC, lending approval, disbursement  & repayment
  • High frequency capital rotation through scale and automation of processes


How It Works


Organizations sell their employees’ salary invoices to investors

  • Invoices include the salary amount due, payment date, and other relevant information about employees and their compensation.
  • Investors purchase the invoices from organizations at a discounted price.
  • The organization receives immediate cash from investors, which can be used for advance payment to employees .


 Investors provide a salary advance directly to employees and assume the associated payment risk

  • Investors evaluate corporates’ creditworthiness and choose to offer salary advance as per their assessment. 
  • Investors will get the payment back on salary payment date by corporate. They will get their investment and returns and then the rest of salary goes to employees virtual account.


Organizations benefit from improved cash flow and financial planning, while employees access the funds as and when required.

  • Organisations can utilise the cash received from investors for salary advance payment. This leaves them to use their own money to cover expenses, invest in growth opportunities, or pay off debts.
  • Improved financial planning is achieved as organisations can more accurately predict cash flow and avoid uncertainty related to employee salary payments.
  • Employees benefit from timely access to funds, improving their financial stability and reducing stress.


How quickly can employees access funds through Salary Advance Financing?

Employee will make a salary advance request to Employer, and once the employer approves it, investor can choose to fund the salary advance within 24 hrs.

Can employees choose to selectively sell a portion of their upcoming salary or all of their invoices?

Yes, employee can choose how many work days he wants to get salary advance for, as long as employer approves it, he/she can get funding for it.

How do investors evaluate employees' creditworthiness?

Investor looks at anchor corporate credit worthiness, before they decide the fund the salary advance for the employees. Employee can seek advance against their actual work days for the month.

What are the terms of repayment?

Salary advance collections are done, against corporate pay day to the employees.

Are there any fees or interest charges associated with salary advances?

Yes, investors may decide to charge the invoice discounting, as per corporate creditworthiness.

What information is collected about the employees, when the salary invoices are approved by investors?

 We do basic employee KYC w.r.t his work life. We just seek employees’ number of work days for which he is seeking advance for, which are approved by the corporate and thats used to sponsored the salary advance.

What happens if an employee fails to make the payment for the salary advance?

We do not seek repayment from employee, rather from the employers when they are disbursing salary for the employees.

Is employee salary advance financing available for organisations outside of Africa?

As of now, we offer services to organisations registered in Kenya. 

Can organizations use salary advance financing for both full-time and part-time employees?

Yes, we adopt same process for all employees of the organisation. If part time employees directly contracted with organisation then they will get salary advance against corporate worthiness, else if they are sub contracted then their organisation would have to invoice discounting to sponsor salary advance for their employees.