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Discover our platform, your gateway to high-quality receivable invoices from trusted businesses. Purchase these discounted invoices to secure returns while supporting businesses in improving cash flow. From employee salary advances to supplier and distributor invoices, many others. Diversify your portfolio and maximize your returns. Join us today!

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Purchase discounted outstanding invoices and receive full payment when due. Effective financial planning benefits companies with quick access to cash, while you profit from discounted invoices. Our robust system ensures transparent, reliable, and secure transactions. We guarantee your full return on investment with a little profit, instilling confidence in our platform.

Investment opportunities

Receivable Financing

Fund trusted businesses’ receivable invoices based on anchor corporates credit worthiness.

Salary advance

Invest in funding employee salary advances at various corporations through our platform.

Buy Now Pay Later

Fund corporates for their purchases and receive payment later, ensuring efficient cash flow management.

Unlock the Investor Advantage

Low Risk

Invest in high quality receivable invoices backed by reliable financing instruments, ensuring a low-risk environment.


Reduce investment risk and diversify your portfolio by investing in receivable invoices across different industries.

Attractive Returns

Enjoy competitive returns surpassing traditional fixed-income investments, providing attractive profitability.


What is Invoice Financing?

It is the practice of using suppliers’ unpaid invoices to raise working capital & fulfil its financial needs. Investors or Financial institutions will have provision to buy discounted invoices for creditworthy businesses.

For investors, how secure is to invest invoice discounting?

Investors will be able to see KYC for the corporates, and then decide their credit worthiness. For credit worthy corporates, investors can choose to buy discounted invoice for their suppliers. The risk gets linked to corporate and not to that of suppliers, hence making it more secure investment. 

What is the expected return on investment for investors participating in discounted invoice financing?

The rate of return will be competitive in the local market. It is governed by corporate credit rating, higher the rating less will be the return. You can get in touch with us, and we can explain you better how the financing and returns work in our business model.

What are the terms of repayment?

The discounting period for each invoice ranges between 30 to 90 days, as per agreement between corporate and supplier. Repayment is made by the corporate to the respective supplier anytime before the end of the credit period. The final discounting rate will be based on the actual period for which discounting was used.

What does the Investor repayment process works?

Our platform allows for virtual account set up for all suppliers in the Corporate ERP system. Whenever invoice payment is made by the corporate, our platform tracks the payment, extracts the discount charges from the payment and settle the same in Investors account, and releasing the rest of it into suppliers account. 

What information and transparency is available to investors during purchase process for discounted invoices?

Our platform provides full transparency to the investor w.r.t. corporate & supplier KYC records, invoice amount and approval by corporate, invoice discount rate and period, actual time when the repayment is done, and fee being transparently shared with the investor. 

What happens if an investor wants to exit their investment in a receivable invoice?

Most invoices have advance payment provision for 30 to 90 days, so if investors wants to get out then could decide not to invest in new invoices of the anchor corporate, once the existing once mature for repayment, subject to terms of investment with Africa Trade Credit.

How can investors diversify their portfolio through supplier financing?

Anchor corporates come from all industrial sectors, so as an investor you can choose which corporate you want to do invoice discounting or salary advance.