Distributor Finance

Welcome to Africa Trade Credit Distributor Finance, where we ignite the power within your business. With your Supplier or Corporate having partnered with us, your inability to instantly pay for your purchases should not limit you. Our innovative platform and customized financial solutions will enable you sell the purchase orders to our investors, providing the required funds to push your business forward and have the flexibility to repay the funds when you are ready, allowing you to navigate your business journey with confidence.

Join us now and unlock fresh opportunities to maximize your purchasing power with our revolutionary Buy Now Pay Later financing. Experience the power of our product as you embark on your journey to success with us by your side.

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Distributor Finance

Are you a distributor whose payment delays of your downline retailers affect how you make purchases? Waiting for payment from your retailers or customers can strain your finances and hinder your ability to purchase products from your suppliers. Our distributor financing product offers a buy now pay later solution that allows you to quickly and efficiently pay your suppliers, improving cash flow management for both parties and helping you succeed in today’s competitive market.

Prompt payment solution

Improve cash flow and working capital management with our buy now pay later solution for your business

 No need for collateral

Based on the KYC information provided, creditworthiness and risk profile will be generated which will determine eligibility of the financing without the need of pledging assets as security.

Quick and efficient payment processing

Fast and efficient payment processing to your suppliers for the POs that need immediate payment.

 Flexible repayment terms

Allow distributors to negotiate the repayment terms with the financiers to their financial needs, providing them with greater flexibility in meeting their repayment obligations anytime prior to the due date agreed upon.

Anchor approved POs

The purchase order is reviewed and approved by the anchor which serve as the basis of financing.

100% digital KYC

KYC documents and financial or banking statements are provided during the one-time on-boarding and registration process which allows automatic reapplication for future invoices.

Understanding Africa Trade Credit Distributor Finance

Our Buy Now, Pay Later model offers a financing solution that benefits both suppliers and distributors. It allows distributors to make instant payments for their purchases with the financing from the investors, improving their cash flow management and enabling them to meet their own obligations.

The financing solution connects distributors with investors who help them make immediate payments  to their suppliers. Investors pay for the POs promptly on behalf of the distributors and they are repaid later based on the agreed terms.

Benefits of Distributor Finance

Introducing Africa Trade Credit’s Distributor Finance product, distributors gain access to a range of benefits, including streamlined processes, improved cash flow management, and enhanced operational efficiency within their distributor network. By leveraging our tailored financing solution, distributors can seize growth opportunities, strengthen relationships with their anchor or the supplier, and achieve sustainable success in their industry.


  • Diversification of Investment Portfolio
  • Potential for Higher Returns
  • Transparency


  • Maintain a healthy cash flow and reduces the risk of late or missed payments, ultimately improving their financial stability.
  • Distributors purchase larger quantities of inventory or fulfill larger orders, resulting in increased sales volumes for suppliers.
  • Strengthened relationship with the distributors.
  • Transfer of credit risk associated with the distributors to the financing company.


  • Competitive advantage
  • Increased purchasing power
  • Better cash flow management
  • Build a solid relationship with your anchor which can yield significant benefits and advantageous deals

How It Works


Onboarding and registration on the platform

  • Distributors submit KYC documents, bank statements, and personal information for verification during registration.
  • CAM report information is used to confirm the eligibility of the distributor to access the financing service.


Distributor Accesses Buy Now, Pay Later

  • Eligible distributors access our Buy Now Pay Later product through our platform to receive prompt payment on purchase order.
  • The distributor provides the POs and the anchor information to receive the payment.


Investors Finance Distributor’s purchase

  • Willing  investors to finance your prompt payment requirement for your purchases reach out to you for agreement on terms and the anchor for possible discounts.
  • Investors provide the necessary funds for paying suppliers, allowing you to fulfill orders and maintain business operations


Finance disbursement

  • Anchor authenticated purchase orders are funded within 24 hours
  • Disbursement done in Anchor’s designated Bank account
  • Limits revised post each disbursement


    Repayment by the Distributor

    • The distributor repays the loan anytime prior to the due date via our platform.
    • The repayment is done on the investor’s designated account.
    • The distributor makes full repayment of full amount as per the PO.
    • Timely repayments and adherence to terms improve the distributor’s creditworthiness, enabling future access to financing services.


      What are the different types of businesses that are eligible for dealer finance?

      We offer Dealer Finance to all dealers having a proven track with a well performing Anchor corporate and registered as Proprietorship, Partnership, Private Limited, Limited Liability Partnership and Public Limited Companies

      When is the financing disbursement done and to whom?

      The financing disbursement is done by the Lender to the designated Bank account of the Anchor Corporate within 24 hours, as per the process agreed.

      What are the terms of repayment?

      Repayment is made by the Dealer to the respective Lender anytime before the end of the credit period. The credit period for each invoice ranges between 30 to 120 days, as per terms agreed with the Dealer. The interest is charged only for the actual period for which credit was used.

      What is the mode of repayment?

      Using auto debit facility via NACH.

      Do I need any collateral to avail a Dealer finance facility?

      There is usually no additional collateral required, as our Lending Partners fund a business on the basis of their relationship with the Anchor corporate and the cash flows due within that cycle. However, in some case lenders may request for collateral based on their assessment of the risks involved